It is easy to get to and from the High Coast and the start and finish at FriluftsByn – The Outdoor Village. The cheapest and easiest way is to take the Y-Buss from Stockholm Central Station all the way to Docksta Marina (a 20 min walk from FriluftsByn). However the Plane or Train is a bit faster – then you head for the town Örnsköldsvik and take the local bus the last bit. The most flexible solution is to rent a car – then you can discover even more of the High Coast.

bus to high coast


Y-buss drive their buses from Stockholm north all along the coast. From the stop Docksta Marina it is a 2 kilometer walk to FriluftsByn and the start of the Winter Classic. Enter the bus in Stockholm, watch a few films on your phone and step out ready for the adventure. Bus ride takes just over 6 hours if you enter the bus in Stockholm. – Bus to FriluftsByn and the Winter Classic >> – Y-Buss >>

train to high coast


Take the train to Örnsköldsviks Resecentrum. From here you can take busses to Docksta Marina or Skuleberget, both stops are only 20 min walk from FriluftsByn. – Train to FriluftsByn >> – SJ Trains (Extern Länk) >>

car drive to high coast


If you will take a car to the High Coast and FriluftsByn you just have to enter “FriluftsByn” in Google Maps and just follow the directions. You drive along the E4 motorway and just north of Docksta you turn left if you come from the south. Follow the road and you will arrive after 800 meters. – Drive to FriluftsByn >> – Park your car during Winter Classic >>

fly to high coast


From Arlanda you can fly with Höga Kusten Flyg to Örnsköldsvik. From the airport you need to take a taxi to the Travel Center and then take bus to Docksta Marina or Skuleberget. Then it is a 20 min walk. – Fly to FriluftsByn. >> – Höga Kusten Flyg >>