This is a frequent question and our experience tells us that no mater how much information and fact we share, the feeling is most often very personal and subjective. For your own and other participants safety you should at least have hiked 40 kilometers with the equipment you plan to carry. Why not divide it in a few hikes at home. You also need to be sure how to pitch your tent. If we get challenging weather this gets more important.

Your physical health, spirit and previous experience of having spent time in the outdoors also matters. As well as temperature, level of snow and how well you adapt your your clothing and listen to your body. You have a big responsibility in adapting your clothing not to freeze or sweat and you need to make sure you drink and eat on a regular basis. Well as you understand it is not an easy question – nevertheless, if you are in decent condition and know your equipment you will make it. Below we will make a try to put a number on the challenge.

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We use the following scale:
1) Easy hiking
2) Somewhat Challenging hiking
3) Challenging Hiking
4) Exhausting Hiking

Given the fact that you carry your own equipment and the terrain is partly steep we classify the Winter Hike as 3 – Challenging Hiking. However, if you choose the shorter routes Day I and Day II it is level 2 – Somewhat challenging hiking.


3 = Challenging Hiking
The ordinary route for the High Coast Winter Hike will set you out on 5-7 hours of active hiking per day. This means there is plenty of time for rest and embracing the magnificent landscape. The terrain is varied and some parts of the hike are steep – it is called the High Coast for a reason. Some distances are more tough – Mt. Slåttdalsberget, Mt. Stampberget and Mt. Skuleberget. You will need need some previous hiking experience and be physcal fit.
Distances: 8-12 km, 5-7 hours
Classification: 3 – Challenging hiking
Recommendation: Have hiked 40 km with equipment. Comfortable with putting up the tent and have spend a night in it. Preferably during winter.


2 = Somewhat Challenging Hiking
Day I and Day II you can choose a shorter distance on 5 kilometers per day. The terrain is still varied and steep but you will have even more time to recover and have nice fika in the woods and on top of the mountains. If you hike the shorter routes in a slow pace you will reach the nightcamps at around 16:00. If you are not sure which route to choose – well take the shorter Day I and then you decide on Day II. During Day III we all hike the same route, however you can choose to skip the hike up Skuleberget and finish down in FriluftsByn. But this is something we do not recommend because the view from the top is too amazing.
Distances: 5-12 km, 4-7 hours
Classification: 2 – Somewhat challenging.
Recommendation: Have hiked 30 km with your equipment. Comfortable with putting up the tent and have spend a night in it.