The High Coast Winter Hike start with the outdoor school “Introduction to outdoor life in winter” on thursday at 09:00. You can check in for the adventure on wednesday evenening, thursday morning and thursday lunch. Most people choose to arrive already on wednesday and there are plenty of housing options. You also have free camping in FriluftsByn the night before and the night after the adventure – that is wed-thurs and sat-sun. The busses to the start depart thursday at 13.00.


Check-in at FriluftsByn
Most people arrive on Wednesday
The outdoor school starts thurs at 9 am.
The busses depart thurs at 1 pm.
Be on time!


It is easy to travel to FriluftsByn and the High Coast of Sweden. You find all information under “preparations”, here is a link to the travel section.
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If you arrive with car you can park it at FriluftsByn for 5 euro / 50 sek for your entire stay. You purchase parking ticket at the check-in and place it clearly visible in your car.


There are plenty of options on where to stay before and after the adventure. You can camp for free in FriluftsByn the night before and after the adventure.
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The pre-evening starts wednesday at 16:00. Meet other hikers, get something to eat and drink, check in with plenty of time and take part in the map-check at 18:00 and 20:00. The pre-evning closes at 22:00.
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You can book breakfast thursday and sunday morning in FriluftsByn. Price 10E/100 sek.


You can check-in during the pre-evening 18:00 – 21.00 or on thursdag 07:30 – 09:00 and 12:00 – 12:30. During check in you will also get your map and food.


You can leave well marked luggage in FriluftsByn for 5 Euro / 50 sek per piece. If you have something we should keep extra safe it is 10 E / 100 sek. You can collect your luggage in FriluftsByn during the After-Hike between 15:00 and 18:00.


The outdoor school starts at 09:00. This means that you who have slept in the hall need to have packed up latest 08:30. All luggage and all backpacks should be placed outside the hall to free space for all participants.



The High Coast Winter Hike starts with outdoor school thursday at 09:00. You could also arrive at 12:00 for check-in if your travel arragements stop you from arriving in the morning. The busses depart at 13.00, before that you need to have checked-in. You find more information about the adventure here
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– Courses and Seminars >>
– Good times >>


Follow the trails, keep an eye on the map.
Drink plenty of water.
Take breaks and enjoy nature.
Check-in and check-out at the nightcamps.


The “Introduction to outdoor life in winter” starts at 9 am. Here we go through the basics that will make the adventure more comfortable. We are done around 11:45.


Lunch is included – freezedried food. We make sure there is hot water.


We hand out snowshoes between 11.45 and 12:30 in FriluftsByn. You will leave them on the same spot when the hike is over.


If you have rented a tent or sleeping-bag you can collect them on wednesday between 18:00 – 21:00 or thrusday between 11.45 and 12:30.


The busses depart at 13:00. You have to check-in before you get on the bus. The ride to the start takes about 30 minutes.


When the busses the start and after you have collected your equipment you are free to set off. You hike in your own pace and after the first kilometer you will notice how people start to spread out.


You hike in your own pace and eat when you are hungry. You follow well marked paths that are clearly signed. You will also get a map where you see the route. Along the hike you will meet guides that can answer your questions. However most of the hike you will be with your friends, new frieds or by yourself so you need to make sure where you are. You do not need to use compass – it is enough to look at the maps and the signs.


There are guides in nature and by the nightcamps. However, this is not hike where you are constantly guided. We belive that it is more fun to hike in your own pace with the people you find good company. You will get a phone number you can call if you have questions.


You get water by boiling snow. Make sure you carry at least 2-3 liters of water with you as you set out. A lot of hydration will be used simply from breathing the cold air.


There are outdoor restrooms by the nightcamps. You can use these but bring your own toiletpaper.


You are allowed to make fire on designated places. Here you will also find wood. You are not allowed to break branches from the trees to make fire.


Everything you carry with you out on the High Coast Winter Hike you need to bring with you back home. You are not allowed to throw garbage so bring a trash-bag.


When you reach the nightcamps you need to check in with the guides. This is a matter of security. If you do not check-in we need to search the nightcamp and then organize a search and resque. Make sure to always check in when you arrive and check-out when you start hiking in the morning.


During the hike, seminars and courses will be arranged together with some of leading outdoor companies.
Learn more: Courses and seminars >>


During the High Coast Winter Hike we sleep in the same area. This is also where the courses and seminars takes place. At the nightcamps you also find restrooms – bring your own toiletpaper.


You can leave the nightcamps between 09:00 and 10:30 – not earlier and not later. When you leave you check out with the guides before you start hiking. If you leave without checking out we need to organize a search for you and your tent – so please remember to check out!



On saturday you will reach the finish on top of the majestic Mount Skuleberget. Now it is time to celebrate. Relax in the Top Cabin with some of Swedens most amazing views. Then we hike the Höga Kusten Stigen down to FriluftsByn. You are allowed to take the Höga Kusten Chairlift down the mountain (15 euro). You then return your snowshoes and rented equipment before we continue the celebration at the after-hike that opens up at 15:00. Burgers, beer, live-music and sharing experiences with the other particpants.


Finishline is on top of Mt. Skuleberget
We hike Höga Kusten Stigen down.
You are allowed to take the lift down (15 euro)
Return snowshoes and rented equipment.
Enjoy the after-hike
Camping is included Sat-Sun


The finish of the High Coast Winter Hike takes place on the top of Mt. Skuleberget. This is also where you check-out from the adventure. You return snowshoes and rented equipment down in FriluftsByn.


The Top Cabin offers food, fika and one of Swedens most amazing views. It is open to 16:00.


We will hike the Höga Kusten Stigen down to FriluftsByn. However it is allowed to take the chairlift that is open to 16.00. Price 15 euro with backpack.


You will return snowshoes and rented equipment in FriluftsByn between 13:00 and 17:00 in FriluftsByn.


After the hike we gather to celebrate our accomplishments at the after-hike. Burgers, beer and live music. In short a great way to end the adventure.


Camping in FriluftsByn is included Wed-Thurs and Sat – Sun.


Make the most of your Sunday
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Time to say goodby and see you soon. We will have a timetable for the busses and also a chart for car-pools. However most arragements are made on our participant facebook page.